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Canimals follows a group of little tin can-like elflike animals that go around rediscovering the world from a different point of view. The Canimals find something new and worthy of attention in the most mundane of things.


  • Ato - A happy-go-lucky beagle in a can. He also puts up the Canimals logo in the episode title cards.
  • Oz - A boisterous Persian cat in a can. She often gets herself into more trouble than she can handle.
  • Uly - A dimwitted pug in a can. He happily eats anything in sight.
  • Mimi - A bossy poodle in a can. She sometimes attacks the others with her ears.
  • Pow - A crotchety owl in a can. He will not hesitate to use his hypnosis on others.
  • Fizzy - A clumsy Siamese in a can. He aspires to have a ninja lifestyle.
  • Toki - A hyperactive rabbit in a can. He just cannot seem to stay still.
  • Nia - A timid kitten in a can. She sometimes lets off a sonic meow-scream when frightened.
  • Leon - An odd chameleon in a can (hence his name). He tries to blend in with his surroundings.

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